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Mirror Dimension Series
Vol. -1: Coven

Behold the wild ones of the post-apocalyptic world of Chasm. This story further explores the backstory of Omen and her coven of vampires after her beloved leaves her for the light.

The newly redeemed vampire returns to warn Omen of a certain doom threatening her underground city − but will she embrace the call to repentance and flee the only world she's ever known?

  1. Letters to the Lost
  2. Rage into Blindness (Immortal Mix)
  3. Omen
  4. Death at Dawn
  5. Bad Kitty (Apocalyptic Mix)
  6. We Are the Ravens (feat. Kris Lee)
  7. Deceived (Odyssey Mix)


Delta-S & Jennifer Lauren - Lost in You  Listen

A dark and uplifting collaboration between singer/songwriter Jennifer Lauren and Lyte of Delta-S. We wanted to explore the effect that addiction can have, and also love's power to overcome the darkness. (includes an amazing and deliciously dark remix by David Pataconi)

  1. Lost in You (feat. Jennifer Lauren)
  2. Lost in You (dub)
  3. Lost in You (David Pataconi Remix)

Lost in You (Digital Single)
$2 USD


Vol. 3: The Mortal Veil

A traveler is awakened by the seductive spirit of a woman, who leads him to a hallway, with rooms at each side of its walls. He enters hesitantly, but when the door slams behind him, he realizes there is no way out, except for perhaps a door at the end of the hallway - with no door nobs and no hinges.

  1. Venez' Avec Moi
  2. I am Alone (with Sheri Shaw)
  3. Vindicator (feat. Jennifer Star)
  4. Alive (feat. Christina Novelli)
  5. Wings of Hope (feat. Genevieve)
  6. Not Coming Back (with Nicki Tedesco)
  7. Shine (feat. LAKE)
  8. The Place Behind the Mirror
  9. Panic
  10. Vertigo (with Jillian Ann)
  11. Need You Here (feat. Matt Watlington)
  12. Does Love Come Here? 
  13. In the End (feat. Sarah Russell & LAKE)


Elex - Something in the Air (Delta-S Remix)  Listen

Delta-S & Christina Novelli - Alive (Philippe El Sisi Remix)  Listen

Delta-S & Christina Novelli - Alive (Type 41 Remix)  Listen

Delta-S & Christina Novelli - Alive  Listen


Delta-S - Shine (feat. LAKE)  Listen


Delta-S & Dena Carman - Looking for You  Listen


The Echoing Green - Dead Hearts (Delta-S Further In Mix)  Listen

Jillian Ann - Prisons (Delta-S Red Satin Mix)  Listen


Celldweller - Frozen (Delta-S Fade to Grey Remix)  Listen

Celldweller - Frozen (Delta-S Anamoly Remix)  Listen



Vol. 2: Voyage to Isis  Listen

A champion has returned from many adventures, but he is restless and unhappy with his home and surroundings. With drudgery pressing in, he decides to run away from his problems by embarking on a one-way trip to Isis, a rumored planet filled with beauty and mystery. Soon after he launches into space, problems arise on the ship itself. With life support slowly failing, and a looming threat of being lost in the galaxy, he must decide to journey on to whatever end... or turn back before its too late. 

  1. Damage Control (feat. Michelle Averna of Ever)
  2. Wastelands (feat. Amanda Jones)
  3. My Crusade (with Nicki Tedesco)
  4. Waiting for the Sunrise
  5. The Summoning of the Sea (feat. Lauren Edman)
  6. Anamoly
  7. Erase (feat. Sheri Shaw)
  8. The Phoenix Effect (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
  9. Denial (feat. Colleen Kelly)
  10. Rapture of the Deep
  11. Tempest (feat. Amanda Jones)
  12. Star-kindler (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
  13. Isis


EVER - Stay (Delta-S Trial by Abandonment Remix)  Listen

FLINTface - Waterwalker (Delta-S Baptism by Fire Remix)  Listen


Vol. 1: Chasm  Listen

A newly turned vampire has been given the promise of redemption, and the power to walk in daylight to achieve his dream. Through his many hardships, his own internal conflict proves to be the most difficult. He is in love with a dark woman from another coven, and longs to be with her. And so he must decide - will he continue on his journey alone and claim his promise, or will he forfeit his soul for the vampire he loves? 

  1. Catacombs
  2. Avenge Me, I'm Decaying
  3. Agitator
  4. Anti-hero_
  5. The Spoil Plantation
  6. Deceived (with Stephanie Grayson)
  7. Daywalker
  8. Bad Kitty
  9. Vixxxen
  10. Toxica
  11. Tragedy at Carnival Hill (with Nikki Williams)
  12. Rage into Blindness (feat. Pamela Vain)
  13. All You


Vol. 0: Chasm

Celldweller - Under My Feet (Delta-S Edit)  Listen


Vol. -1: And Sometimes