In musical style, in lyrical depth and poetic expression, in artistic unity, this album is a work of art.
— J Lee Harshbarger



I discovered uplifting trance, future pop, and dark electro near the end of my work on Volume 1: Chasm. I was exposed to these genres as I started getting more involved in the goth culture (I had been going to techno and industrial clubs in the Hollywood area). I was greatly moved by the music and saw its potential to tell stories, especially in seeing redemptive themes that projects Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation brought to the table.

The story behind Voyage to Isis exists in the same universe as Chasm, but it takes place many generations before the post apocalyptic world of vampires comes in. A man leaves his life on earth in search of a rumored planet Isis. Being an adventurer at heart, he believes that finding Isis will finally give him purpose and meaning to his life of drudgery and repetition - perhaps even recognition for returning with his discovery.

He builds a spaceship and sets off, but problems immediately arise when the ship passes through a nebula where an evil entity confiscates the voyager's mind and engages in psychological warfare, getting him to sabotage the ship's navigational controls. He overcomes the entity, but the ship has lost considerable structural integrity, and he must decide whether to turn back for home, or leave in an escape pod for a one way trip to Isis.





Damage Control

++ Voyage Transmission ++


I gave up everything to find you, and now there's nothing left worth fighting for. I left this world behind to meet you, for you are wonderful. You are wonderful. I'm taking flight to breathe you in; In hopes that you might fix this mess and set my spirit free. Oh, but the way is cold. I'm stuck in the middle and the shadow knows.

Hold me down. Send away the sun. Hold me out from everyone. Hold me down. You're blotting out the sun. Give me a reason to feel. Jaded are these years upon my wrists [accompanied by Eden] and freedom is the light in your fingertips. I gave up everything just to find you. I left this world behind, for you are wonderful.

(You are wonderful.)

Forty past midnight and I'm all alone. On my knees, begging for you, but I'm still afraid to talk on the telephone. All my life I was putting on the sun, but it only took one look from you to make me come undone.


++ Log 01: passing through the Wastelands Nebula ++



++ Entity Pattern Interrupt++


I need your violence. The crave is breakin' it down. I feed off your control and lower you deep in the ground. Take me, fill me up, and bring me to my knees. You got your wish, you covetous itch. Now take in all of me.

Fake me. Finger. Kill all the rest, baby.

I pull you further down and bring you underneath. I feed your vengeance. Devour everything. Break me, fill me up, and bring me to my knees. You got your wish, you covetous itch. Now take in all of me. I don't want you. I don't need you. I won't fail if I ever besiege you.


++ Log 02: set a new course for repairs on nearest water planet  ++


My Crusade

++ Voyage Transmission ++


I learned about myself today - a big shot with a big lack of faith. All my followers have died, and now its coming after me. I stare, and I sit here. The red stained curtains are opened (and no one cares). My fist in the blackness.

"Give it to me, give it to me, gimme!"

I learned about myself today...a long shot with a huge debt to pay. All my followers are swallowed up, gone. Now its crawling, creeping up on me.

It's a shame that I can't shake.I lost too many in my crusade. It's the blame that I can't break away from letting her down. It's too late, I can't fake a victory over death. I'm the last one left.

I learned about myself today...A cheap shot, (sucka) got nothin' to say. All my followers have drowned, and now its coming after me. I turned my back on the future. I confiscated my mind, no matter the signs.


++ Log 03: ship undergoing repairs ++
++ Log 04: investigating a set of ancient runes on a nearby forest island ++


Waiting for the Sunrise

++ Voyage Transmission ++


I heard a whisper in the leaves and the shape of broken memories. I closed my eyes, seeking something deeper still. But the secret lingers here. Oh come alive again and hear me. Oh why do I pretend that you can hear me?

The night is swiftly falling and giving way to moonlight. The sacred stones are bleeding underneath and gazing in the twilight. Are the oceans livid with your rage? Do the trees reveal your secret name, oh Lord? A crooked hand was upon my very eyes. Lesser men have come and gone. Still, I'm waiting for the sunrise.

I was on the brink of solving this. But there's a remnant I've still missed. Pull back the curtains, shed the light on all these years. But the secret lingers here.

Hear me.


++ Log 05: investigating the source of a disembodied voice detected over the waters ++


The Summoning of the Sea

++ Phantasmagoria Pattern Interrupt ++


The fire burns through, whispering downhill and past the streams - a silence thick with life. It changes you. I was afraid I could never stand alone at night.

You're my fighter, my brave soldier. You'll never stand down, you'll never lose. We were younger, now I'm no better.

You chased me through the galleys; behind the walls, away from time. I can't stand still. No sign of you. Only an angel beckoning me to let you go. His voice is like thunder; it lulls me to sleep. There's nothing out in front of me. And with or without, suffering. I'm standing at eternity, opening the door.

Now all I see is blue, grey blue.I am washing through the tide. But baby don't you worry, 'cause I'm right here by your side, watching you sleep, watching you dream. Watching you with her, sweet and serene. It's not over, never will be. I'm waiting for you lover.



++ Voyage Transmission ++


Who's side are you on? They sent the call, I went. Never thought I'd get this far. But then again, you know, no. Never thought I'd leave at all. Pierced the heavens now, just to feed my fantasies. I watched in horror as I turned away humanity. I'm on my last amends and I scream to apologize. Yielding to the midnight blue and sky.

Oh love, I was so afraid. I can't linger, can't wait, I can't stay in this place. Disappeared on the blackest day. Lost my hope, but I found you anyway. Gave it up from the empty space. Oh lady, I fell upon my face.

The stars avail, but I cannot overcome the weight of what I've done. The writing's on the wall, and I can't overcome the guilt of what I've done.



++ Voyage Transmission ++


I keep words on the ground In case I crash and burn. Your silence brings me down. I guess I'll never learn. At times you seemed inviting. I crawled into the mess. Now too many dreams and too many moments are far and in between us. Tell me how does it feel?

You will erase all my love.

I've gone too far, I think. Now the shadow's closing in. I tore them all away, but they crawled right back again. Oh love, come out from hiding. I cannot find the rest. Now too many dreams and too many moments are lost and in between us. Tell me how do you feel?

Erase. Just give me a line, and disappear.





The Phoenix Effect

++ Isis Transmission ++


I felt the lightest touch In the corners of my mind. I slipped into a dream. I caught a glimpse of hope In the shadows of the night. "Still beauty at the end of all things."

Oh my love, you are inside of me. And I'll take you all the way. But I am afraid to see Your wonders in me displayed. The wayward hope divorced, And all the treasures froze. And I was left alone.

I tried to save the best for last. I know you're worth it, but I'm not enough. I've got a standard to match, While I bide my time on the basement floor. I've tried to rise above the clouds. I've got to feel it, but you're not around. Hold me too close for words, or shut me down.

I threw myself into the endless night. Give me something real. I've crossed the line and I can't look back.



++ Voyager & Isis Interlink ++


Isis: Denial. I don't need an okay. They tied me to the ground, baby. And I was so consumed by lies. How could I not realize? Denial.

Voyager: Rescue me from holding on to protocols That I don't need. Denial. I'm still fascinated with the promises That I don't see.

Isis: And all things in between. I don't even wanna try To fight the brokenness inside. And the love is turned to grief at night.

Interlink: I left the light on. Are you coming for me? Did you know it was me you were fighting for? Break my heart, steal the line. I was looking for so much more.


Rapture of the Deep

++ Voyage Transmission ++


I know just what you want. Something to titillate the senses and entertain. I fell for every front and compromised. I keep my soul in a sacred place, but I sold my heart for an empty space!

I break the rules. I find a way. I kill for you.

My fate is fighting the lie while you're stabbing the ones who fell in love with your alibi. I don't wanna hear another do or die. You're stuck, cocked, feeding the sheep. But you're not fooling anyone, especially me. Dig up all the sweat and steal the enemy's. You feed the masses, yeah, but you don't know what you want to be!

And you're stalling as I'm falling. I'm betting all the answers now. And I'm waiting as you're gaining. I'm in the depths and fighting doubt. So let me out.



++ Trinity Pattern Interrupt ++


My face is all you need. I give you everything. I pull regret out from underneath. I break the shadow's hold. I give you anything. I give you everything.

I give you what you need. I'll find you. My tongue is sweet and heavy on you. And I'll resolve to steal your spirit and take control, but you don't hear it.

Bind my fists and hold me down. You're not alone but the living dead don't shine. I'm crushed with your dirty thoughts in the ground. You're slipping on the edge of the cold, but it's all right. My flesh is all you need. I give you everything. You watch me bleed. I break the shadow's hold. I give you anything. I kill the cold.

I'm undefeated by you. I am holy, I am beautiful.



++ Trinity Iteration ++


Oh my love...



++ Voyage Transmission ++


In her eyes, it called to me. "Take it down, in shame and suffering." Hear the call, come back to me. Doesn't reach in a kingdom with no king. Give it away. Dig it deep down. Burn it away, and spread the ashes out. I'm calling your name, turn my heart around.

I turned to face my enemy who stole from me the glory of my revealing. But for all my cunning, I came back with nothing. I came back with nothing...


++ End Transmission ++