Delta-S Live electronic odyssey exploring the evolution
of the classic industrial sound.
— Dillon Carlyon

The Cast

I’ve been a fan and following their music for over a decade now, and am always blown away by the carefully crafted balance of beauty and darkness, intertwining through melodic vocals, gritty guitars, four on the floor club atmospheres, and purposeful and engaging storytelling.
— David Pataconi

Performers & Dancers

Delta-S is not only glorious, amazing, breath-taking and beautiful musically, for me it changed my Life by the way the lyrics and songs as a whole makes my Heart fly away into the skies of Hope and Life lived fully and true to the heart.
— Spiros Cogan


Seeking Beauty Beyond the Shadows


Sometimes the only way to overcome the darkness is to face it. Wave goodbye, leave the gates, and enter the forest of the unknown. If you think that sounds like a theme for a dark fantasy film or an RPG, you wouldn't be far off – and Delta-S is the complimenting score. The electro-industrial project has been crafting mysterious soundtracks since 1995 to accompany this trek through uncertainty and fear. And along the way its sounds whisper an uncanny truth: there's a strange beauty beyond the shadows.

“Delta-S is a project that can walk through the dark places of a person's life,” explains Lyte. “It provides some context for our struggles – that our story is larger and more hopeful than we know.”

Since its inception over two decades ago, Delta-S has been Lyte's brainchild. Originally formed as a collaborative project with high school best friend Moe, Delta-S has evolved into an ongoing collective – Lyte steers the helm and with every new release guests contribute. Cameos include trance singer Kirsty Hawkshaw, EDM vocalists Christina Novelli and Sarah Russell, and British dance duo Booty Luv. And while Delta-S is primarily a studio project, even the live band has a different lineup. This rotating cast has kept the outfit alive, protecting it from decay and decline.

Delta-S has amazing music. There are hauntingly beautiful melodies and energetic techno/industrial sounds! I love their mix of cinematic scores and trance/electronica.
— Alex Veder

Similar to How to Destroy Angels, Hans Zimmer, and The Birthday Massacre, Delta-S' latest album The Mortal Veil is a battle against entropy. Haunting and deliciously sad, the effort is the third part of a trilogy. It follows the 13-track opus Voyage to Isis and 2015's Chasm – all three of which take you on an electro-cinematic odyssey.

“We are on a trajectory to an amazingly beautiful place of love, hope, and wonder,” says Lyte. “But along that journey there is darkness and terror… The music is meant to be a comfort and a friend to listeners as they confront their fear, longing, and sorrow.”

And Delta-S will be there until you reach the other side...