Written and performed by Lyte

 "You think you know me well,
but I'm not backing down."
At least, that's what she said to me.
From the edge of my guilt,
I don't see anything.
I cannot shake the stench of my sin,
And i cannot find the sunlight from the way i came in.

I cannot breathe.
I cannot see.
There's no one left alone in darkness
Who'll find me.

Foul winds have fortified my regret.
Foul winds have fortified my despair.
Foul winds have fortified my sweat.
Foul winds have fortified shame,
And nothing remains anywhere.

I slept too long in here
And now i lost control.
Oh lord, can you save me
From my hole.
I drank her in and breathed her out
All on my own.
How long, must i wait down here
All alone. oh Christ.

I cannot breathe.
Can you still bleed?
There's one thing left alone in darkness
Who'll save me.

Avenge Me, I'm Decaying

Written by Lyte | Performed by Lyte and David Gadbois

My spirit fades away
And feelings disappear.
The choices that I've made
Have only put me here.
So many friends are gone.
So many things went wrong.
Now all that's left are broken pieces on the floor.
It had to end like this;
My story ends like this,
Searching for that something that I missed
So far away.
Stars shook brightly at night
Through meteorites and blackholes.
California's killin me
And massachusetts' all alone.

Do all my fantasies burn like this?
Do all the memories end like this?
Avenge me, I'm decaying.

For tomorrow's oath of doom
I would not see her go.
On this my choices loom
And sacred vows you broke.

So many things are gone
And so many friends went wrong.
The weight of guilt upon my back
Kills the feeling anyway.
Can't move forward,
Can't look back to her,
So far away.

Do all my fantasies burn like this?
Do all the memories end like this?
Avenge me, I'm decaying.
Now all that's left are broken pieces on the floor.
It had to end like this.
My story ends like this.
Searching things I missed.
I'm automatically in need of your grace.
You tear me down,
You build me up.
Avenge me, I'm decaying, lord.
She pierced my heart,
You fill my cup.
Avenge me, I'm decaying.


Written and performed by Lyte

I left this one off the shelf,
'Cause here they all go again.
He can't even think for himself now
And so they plugged him in.

You're out of line.
You had to hate her.
Good work agitator.

You will not receive me
And now I'm your worst enemy,
'Cause everything you said to them about me
Was a lie.

Wait you've gone too far.
No one respects you anymore.
Nothing you can say now
Can bring them through that door.

You all are the same, so bring on the pain.
There's nothing left here anymore.

You push, you pull.
She slips out of your hand.
You watch her fly away,
And there's nothing that you can do.
You fight, you pray,
But there is nowhere to go;
We're stronger then you know!


Written by Lyte | Performed by Lyte and Stephanie Grayson.

This is not where we wanna be.
This is not where we came.
When everything looks different
And nothing else feels the same. free will has control of me.
Free will's just not what it used to be
And she cries...

I wish i could hide.
I wish i could run;
Run away.
But the fact still remains,
That our hero has been slain.

You said some things back there to me. doesn't take too long to justify.
Ripped from breast and silken skin
Of the women all my life I've tried too hard to see.
Nothing fills this void, oh God.
I might just have to give it one more try

One more time...

What happened to my innoncence?
What happened to my pain?
What happened to my guilt?
What happened to my shame?
Every single thing was stripped away
And i'm left with no regret.
The shame... where is the shame?

I wish i could cry.
I wish i could mourn the death,
Of my friend!

This is not where i wanna be.
And you're a sucker for making me sin.
You're fate is sealed swiftly
And mine's traded in for skin!

The Spoil Plantation

Written and Performed by Lyte


Written by Lyte | Performed by Lyte, Stephanie Grayson, and Pamela Vain

I crossed the desert.
I could not find
One remnant of her
In light or darkness.
I am still pleading for shannon Devine.

I gave up looking long ago
And washed away the dream
With every passing day.
I looked into the skies for hope,
But i have nothing to show for it.
I have nothing to show for it.

Comon, i need a connection.
Comon, let me inside.
Pull back the fading darkness;
A world screaming vacant lies.

You like it here.
You are deceived.
They pulled apart the seam
And pulled your heart out.

You think you know what you believe.
You're just regurgitating.
You're just regurgitating.
You're just regurgitating
And repeating,
And repeating...


Written and performed by Lyte

Who can take away my sin?
And all of the selfish things i said?
And turn them into dust again before she thinks to turn her head
Away from me?

I gave everything that i had to give,
But she tore it up
And threw it out on the floor.
I wanted so much to see her live,
But i can't give; i can't give
Anything to anyone anymore.

I am crumbling.
I turn to dust.
I choke on blood and fear the cross
Without you.

I lost all my will from this one mistake. i'm much too afraid to find her there.
Oh, pierce my heart with wooden stakes.
I'm much too ashamed to return here without her.

Bad Kitty

Written by Lyte | Performed by Lyte and Nikki Williams

She's dead, lying burned therein.
The wrath of God builds up her fate.
Sin, Atrocities within
Deny the Holy One her state
Of mind in tune with lies and hate
Trapped beneath the dust and snow
To love and hold, though on my own
I search for keys to free her captive soul.

Oh, bad kitty.
Taste the honey on your tongue.
Oh, bad kitty.
Feel the lemon in your gut.

Your arguments are weak at best.
Behold, your spirit thins before the
Glorious ones provide the test.
You seem to God some filthy whore.
The secrets are indeed divine,
Filled with pain and sorrow in.
Still i throw the pearls to the swine,
It's not too late to stop your sin.

I'm often threatened by this cold world
And doomed to wander throughout it's womb.
But now my heart jumps at this jewel
And resurrects decrepit tomb.
Still all to many will turn away
While disregarding all i've said
And all the wonders done in His name.
Now cast in fire and darkest pit.


Written by Lyte and Lucien | Performed by Lyte

In my darkest void,
I taste her flesh.
In my secret lair,
I sacrifice myself.
She summoned to me;
She summoned to me
Fate worse than death. she captured and enslaved me.

Crucify my traitor heart, love.
Strip away the sin.
Steal away my soul with kisses.
Decimate my vixen.

I crawl beneath her.
I swallow up her lies.
I hide in secret
And hold up my disguise.
I'm lost without you.
I'm lost without you.
Bind her up inside
And cast her far away.

Crucify my vixxxen.


Written and performed by Lyte

How long can I endure this torment?
I see much more than you know.
I've seen your face
Rushing through at sundown
And pressing on my skin.
Illuminate this place.

Get off, it's your mess that got me into
Feeling dirty.
Takes my sweet time just to make things right.
You're so commanding.
Held my breathe for far to long.
But she's toxic
And you're wrong.
No I'm awake.

How long can I take on the pressure.
I walk beneath unwanting skies
Riddled with battles
And swooning with your cries

I miss her
I want her
I still remember
His quiet presence
The thunder rolling down,
But then my heart began
To wither and fade
You're nothing but a traitor
You polluted all my dreams
I guess, i must admit:
I'm the one to blame.

Tragedy at Carnival Hill

Written by Lyte | Performed by Lyte and Nikki Williams

I buried you,
I left you deep inside the ground.
I couldn't find my way
From where i was at.
Wanderin' my way downtown,
And wanderin' my way back.

I don't even know you anyway,
And I don't even hear from you, anymore.

I wait alone,
Locked in my own factory.
My spirit moves its way over the sea.
I gave away my heart,
I sent out all of me, but ravens still devoured everything.

I don't even know you anyway,
And I don't even hear from you, anymore.
And I asked them if you were still near
But they just shrugged and told me,
You disappeared.

Come back to me, baby.
Default to me, honey, yeah.
Lie to me, child.
I have to go now,
I have to go now...
For a while.

Rage into Blindness

Written by Lyte | Performed by Pamela Vain and Lyte

I'm not that strong.
I'm too diseased,
And i'm left shambled on my knees.
I don't think
They thought this through,
And now it's down
To just one thing.

I'm torn away inside
Among the ruins of my dreams;
My perfect little world is
There's nowhere left to hide,
But in the dark it seems the view's much better here than it Really is!

I am wretched [I AM]
And complicated
And i can't get through

I thought i had it all.
I'm often left alone with broken toys and blood spilled on the Floor. I'm
And reduced to a crawl,
But in this hell it seems the pain's much better here than it Really is!

Now everything is gone.
Believed in what was said.
Then everything went wrong.
I can't hold
On! and the skin begins to fade
As i awake in this holocaust of stains,
So i have nothing but broken bones,
Decaying in these chains!

Spilling out a flood
of my neverending doom
from my throne in the darkness
that is sinking in the room.

A tangled web of hate
with my anger wired in,
mesmerized by the glimmer
of my crown of sinking in.

All You

Written and performed by Lyte

I pulled in right behind this place.
I lost my way again.
I'm too afraid.
Cold memories in twilight.
I'm just machine without grace.
I'm too ashamed.
Still blood trickles down
His skin
And the nails hammered down
On my sin.

I still feel the pain
From things i've done. i still feel so weak
From my mistakes.
I don't have anything to give.
Please give me your hand
So i might live.

I need all you.
I need all you
The son knows what the Father knows,
But i don't know how this all goes...
Still i need all of you.

A Fading Fragrance

Written and performed by Lyte

I will reduce you. 
I will reduce you.
I can reach through.
I will reduce you.

Set me free, before I do...

Damage Control

Written by Lyte | Performed by Michelle Averna, Nikki Williams, and Lyte

I gave up everything to find you,
And now there's nothing left worth fighting for.
I left this world behind to meet you, for you are wonderful.
You are wonderful.

I'm taking flight to breathe you in;
In hopes that you might fix this mess and set my spirit free.
Oh, but the way is cold.
I'm stuck in the middle and the shadow knows.

Hold me down. Send away the sun.
Hold me out from everyone.
Hold me down. You're blotting out the sun.
Give me a reason to feel.

Jaded are these years upon my wrists,
And freedom is the light in your fingertips.
I gave up everything just to find you.
I left this world behind, for you are wonderful.
You are wonderful.

Forty past midnight and I'm all alone.
On my knees, begging for you,
But I'm still afraid to talk on the telephone.
All my life I was putting on the sun,
But it only took one look from you
To make me come undone.


Written by Lyte | Performed by Amanda Jones and Lyte

I need your violence.
The crave is breakin' it down.
I feed off your control
And lower you deep in the ground.
Take me, fill me up, and bring me to my knees.
You got your wish, you covetous itch.
Now take in all of me.

Fake me.
Kill all the rest.

I pull you further down
And bring you underneath.
I feed your vengeance.
Devour everything.
Break me, fill me up, and bring me to my knees.
You got your wish, you covetous itch.
Now take in all of me.
I don't want you.
I don't need you.
I won't fail if I ever besiege you.

My Crusade

Written by Lyte and Lucien | Performed by Nicki Tedesco and Lyte

I learned about myself today...
A big shot with a big lack of faith.
All my followers have died,
And now its coming after me.

I stare, and I sit here.
The red stained curtains are opened. (And no one cares)
My fist in the blackness.
"Give it to me, give it to me, gimme!"

I learned about myself today...
A long shot with a huge debt to pay.
All my followers are swallowed up, gone.
Now its crawling, creeping up on me.

It's a shame that I can't shake.
I lost too many in my crusade.
It's the blame that I can't break away from letting her down.
It's too late, I can't fake a victory over death.
I'm the last one left.

I learned about myself today...
A cheap shot, (sucka) got nothin' to say.
All my followers have drowned,
And now its coming after me.

I turned my back on the future.
I confiscated my mind, no matter the signs.

Waiting for the Sunrise

Written by Emilee Seager and Lyte | Performed by Lyte

I heard a whisper in the leaves
And the shape of broken memories.
I closed my eyes,
Seeking something deeper still.
But the secret lingers here.

Oh come alive again and hear me.
Oh why do I pretend that you can hear me?

The night is swiftly falling
And giving way to moonlight.
The sacred stones are bleeding underneath
And gazing in the twilight.

Are the oceans livid with your rage?
Do the trees reveal your secret name, oh Lord?
A crooked hand was upon my very eyes.
Lesser men have come and gone.
Still, I'm waiting for the sunrise.

I was on the brink of solving this.
But there's a remnant I've still missed.
Pull back the curtains.
Shed the light on all these years.
But the secret lingers here.

Hear me.

The Summoning of the Sea

Written and performed by Lauren Edman and Lyte

The fire burns through, whispering downhill
And past the streams - a silence thick with life.
It changes you. I was afraid
I could never stand alone at night.

You're my fighter, my brave soldier.
You'll never stand down, you'll never lose.
We were younger, now I'm no better.

You chased me through the galleys; behind the walls
Away from time I can't stand still.
No sign of you. Only an angel
Beckoning me to let you go.

His voice is like thunder; it lulls me to sleep.
There's nothing out in front of me.
And with or without, suffering.
I'm standing at eternity, opening the door.

Now all I see is blue, grey blue.
I am washing through the tide.
But baby don't you worry, 'cause I'm right here by your side,
Watching you sleep, watching you dream.
Watching you with her, sweet and serene.
It's not over, never will be.

I'm waiting for you lover.


Written and performed Lyte and DJ Type 41

Who's side are you on?

They sent the call, I went.
Never thought I'd get this far.
But then again, you know, no.
Never thought I'd leave at all.
Pierced the heavens now, just to feed my fantasies.
I watched in horror as I turned away humanity.
I'm on my last ammends and I scream to apologize.
Yielding to the midnight blue and sky.

Oh love, I was so afraid.
I can't linger, can't wait, I can't stay in this place.
Disappeared on the blackest day.
Lost my hope, but I found you anyway.
Gave it up from the empty space.
Oh lady, I fell upon my face.

The stars avail, but I cannot overcome
The weight of what I've done.
The writing's on the wall, and I can't overcome
The guilt of what I've done.


Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte. 

I keep words on the ground
In case I crash and burn.
Your silence brings me down.
I guess I'll never learn.
At times you seemed inviting.
I crawled into the mess.
Now too many dreams and too many moments
Are far and in between us.
Tell me how does it feel?

You will erase all my love.

I've gone too far, I think.
Now the shadow's closing in.
I tore them all away,
but they crawled right back again.
Oh love, come out from hiding.
I cannot find the rest.
Now too many dreams and too many moments
are lost and in between us.
Tell me how do you feel?

Just give me a line, and disappear.

The Phoneix Effect

Written and performed by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Lyte

I felt the lightest touch
In the corners of my mind.
I slipped into a dream.
I caught a glimpse of hope
In the shadows of the night.
"Still beauty at the end of all things."

Oh my love, you are inside of me.
And I'll take you all the way.
But I am afraid to see
Your wonders in me displayed.

The wayward hope divorced,
And all the treasures froze.
And I was left alone.

I tried to save the best for last.
I know you're worth it, but I'm not enough.
I've got a standard to match,
While I bide my time on the basement floor.

I've tried to rise above the clouds.
I've got to feel it, but you're not around.
Hold me too close for words, or shut me down.

I threw myself into the endless night.
Give me something real.
I've crossed the line and I can't look back.


Written and performed by Colleen Kelly and Lyte 

I don't need an okay.
They tied me to the ground, baby.
And I was so consumed by lies.
How could I not realize?

Rescue me from holding on to protocols
That I don't need.
I'm still fascinated with the promises
That I don't see.
And all things in between.

I don't even wanna try
To fight the brokenness inside.
And the love is turned to grief at night.

I left the light on.
Are you coming for me?
Did you know it was me you were fighting for?
Break my heart, steal the line.
I was looking for so much more.

Rapture of the Deep

Written and performed by Lyte

I know just what you want.
Something to titilate the senses and entertain.
I fell for every front and compromised.
I keep my soul in a sacred place,
but I sold my heart for an empty space!

My fate is fighting the lie
While you're stabbing the ones
Who fell in love with your alibi.
I don't wanna hear another do or die.

You're stuck, cocked, feeding the sheep.
But you're not fooling anyone, especially me.
Dig up all the sweat and steal the enemy's.
You feed the masses, yeah...
But you don't know what you want to be!

And you're stalling as I'm falling.
I'm betting all the answers now.
And I'm waiting as you're gaining.
I'm in the depths and fighting doubt.
So let me out.

I break the rules.
I find a way.
I kill for you.


Written and performed by Lyte 

My face is all you need.
I give you everything.
I pull regret out from underneath.
I break the shadow's hold.
I give you anything.
I give you everything.

I give you what you need.
I'll find you.
My tongue is sweet
And heavy on you.
And I'll resolve
To steal your spirit
And take control
But you don't hear it.

Bind my fists and hold me down.
You're not alone but the living dead don't shrine.
I'm crushed with your dirty thoughts in the ground.
You're slipping on the edge of the cold, but it's all right.
My flesh is all you need.
I give you everything. You watch me bleed.
I break the shadow's hold. I give you anything.
I kill the cold.

I'm undefeated by you.
I am holy, I am beautiful. 


Written and performed Kirsty Hawkshaw and Lyte 

Oh my love. 


Written and performed by Lyte 

In her eyes, it called to me.
"Take it down, in shame and suffering."
Hear the call, come back to me.
Doesn't reach in a kingdom with no king.

Give it away. Dig it deep down.
Burn it away, and spread the ashes out.
I'm calling your name,
Turn my heart around.

I turned to face my enemy
Who stole from me the glory
Of my revealing.
But for all my cunning,
I came back with nothing

I came back with nothing...


Written and performed by Lyte 

Venez Avec Moi

Written by Lyte.

I am Alone

Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte and Sheri Shaw. 

I thought I had it all, I thought I’d won this war. 
Oh, but the child in me needs you more. 
The water in my blood; the fire in your flood
Calls to me a measure that I knew before.
And I am alone. I am alone. 
Suddenly. Suddenly.

Above the crashing waves, the storm began to grow.
And the ships sank to the bottom where they lay before.
I took the battle ground, but lost the way back home.
And the shades stir through the meadow in their fiery glow.

Why are you calling me through your mountain stone?
The lions are the mast, bowing to your throne. 
And I am alone. I am alone. (uh huh.)

You don’t wander alone. (Through the mountain stone, child... again.) 

You carried me through the stars.
Your lightning was filling the dark.
But now you’re haunting my heart. 
And suddenly, I am alone!


Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte and Jennifer Star. 

Are you ready for me?

Quand le désir est en balance jusqu’à ta foi. 
Où est le fond? Down, down down.
Tu me vois et mes regrets. 
Tu ardemment tu pries pour mon enterrement.

You wanna give me a reason.
Tu jettes bois au peur and your eyes just...
Burn, burn, burn. It turns your blood hot! 
You want apologies. You want it. Don’t stop!

I see you now. You lied to me.
I’ll take you down – unravelling.
So beautiful. Are you ready for me?
I break you – pour mon divertissement personnel.

Get out of my space! 
Don’t fight the reason!
Get out of my face. 
Don’t fight, I needed somebody else!


You automate your righteousness.
Annihilate my innocence.
I vindicate. Now you listen to me.
Le temps pour vous vous honorez c’est presque fini.

Get out of my face!
Don’t fight the reason!
You always needed the lie
And you know it, and it’s showing.

Tu m’as donné une raison... c’est presque fini... (Psalm 27:1-2a)


Written by Lyte, Christina Novelli, and Lawrence. Performed by Christina Novelli.

Now here we are... 

I never thought I would let you down.
I never thought I could be the one to blame,
With me in the dark trying to figure out
Where it went wrong and how to start again. 

You only get back what you put in.
Hating myself for losing you at the start,
And if everything’s gone in a moment,
Then what becomes of my broken heart.

I never felt lost till I found love.
Now here we are. Now here we are. 
There’s something inside saying “give it up.”
We gotta fight to make it out alive.

Wings of Hope

Written by Lyte and Genevieve. Performed by Lyte and Genevieve.

Dear mother, do you see the traveller? 

The furthest star is brighter still
Than any kingdom standing in the potter’s field.
Our hunger wanders in the fold,
And the air of love is taking hold
Of any memory left unsung –
Stinging in my hands or caught beneath my tongue.
If I’m to wander your unending skies alone,
Can you find my heart and claim her life as your own?

Falling down in the air of love,
And the voice I know is getting louder.
Winds of time through the frozen line,
And the wings of hope are getting stronger.

Not Coming Back

Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte and Nicki Tedesco.

You are out of focus in the blue.
And I lose my way for you.
These tiny little finger trails
Find splinters pushing through the nails.
Hey, I think I’m flawed for you. 

You know, I’m on the fence
When your eyes are made of stone.
And in my defense,
I was also left alone. 
And I’m a slave when you get on your knees,
But I’m faking when you walk out the door.
I’m not coming back, I’m not moving on,
I’m not the one, and there’s nothing anymore!

I’m not coming back this way at all.
Don’t stop hangin’ on, babe,
Just finish me off. 
I can’t save you anymore,
And I know no reason to move on at a crawl,
When the lies aren’t lies at all. I’m so flawed for you.

Stay on your throne and out of the way.
Go. Lead my heart astray
 These tiny cracks are getting worse.
The air is thin, my heart accursed.
Hey, hey, hey... I’m sinking in your grave.


Written by Lyte and LAKE. Performed by LAKE.

Do you notice me
Through the cracks in the wooden floor?
In the dark I see
The beast on the prowl –
In the wake of his eyes,
And the blood and the gore. 

Forty years compromised,
Wandering from the start.
Can you find me in the night?
Can you shine through the dark?
Can you reach? Reach to the back of my heart!

Take me up or further in.
Can you pull me through the walls on the wind?
Can you reach him through the fear?
Don’t you know I was always here?
So shine, shine, shine. Shine the way home.
Strike the chamber, cold like stone. Shine the way.

Slipping against the wall.
Crumbling to the floor.
Can you find me in the hall?
Can you rush through the dark? 
Can you reach, reach to my heart? 
Caught in your undertow,
Swept away to what, to where? The way is closed!
Lost! Can you take me in? Can you drag me through?
I can’t stay here without you!

My trembling voice is all I hear
(You haven’t been this close to me).
Fearing what you are (I need).
Please don’t leave me, set me free.
Through the path of scattered bones,
Trees hiss, tangled in the roots below –
Reaching for my soul.

The sky ignites, the fire flares,
Crashing through the frozen ground.
The thunder rolls, the trumpet blares,
Summoning my golden crown.

The morning sun and you and you and you.

The Place Behind the Mirror

Written by Lyte.


Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte and Shadow of Tranquil Chaos.

Father, hear me now.

She said, “I don’t want to believe you,
So stay out of my head.
You said, ‘I’m not gonna leave you,’
So I left instead.”

When thunder comes and calls on the highway,
I run and hide.
Oh Savior, come and find me.
Save me! Oh!

What do you want from me? 
I don’t know what you need from me.
I don’t know why you won’t tell me.
There’s a lot of things I can’t explain,
And I don’t understand. 
Tell me, oh, tell me.


Written by Lyte. Performed by Lyte and Jillian Ann.

Ravens circle overhead,
Keeping me in the dark –
Waiting for my death. 
But I’m still here,
Sending notes o’er the sea,
Waiting for your song to answer me,
But it never does.
It’s just thrown to the ground. I back it up,
But the ache is turned to lust.
Your hand is reaching through the door,
But I’m lying naked on the floor, alone. 

Your voice is in my head again, you know.
Stealing me away to lose control. 
I’m breathing in your vertigo.
You’re bringing me your vertigo.

These demons come for me at night –
Their talons in my heart,
And voices in my mind.
I still hear them. 
But any word you offer me
Might break the spell of my insanity.
Cause I’m coming back for more, it seems.
I’m stuck in twisted fairy tails
And wishing in my broken dreams.
Like fire, buried in the sun –
A sycophant, fishing for your love. 
I need seduction!

Never was a gift so cold,
Tracking down those symphonies
You stole from me without a fight.
I was still inside your womb when he caught me up at night,
Where I saw the king of Tyre choking light.

Oh mother, maiden, whore, and valentine.
Mother, maiden, whore, and valentine.
Your voice is in my head you know.
Oh God, you’re beautiful.

Need You Here

Written by Lyte and Matt Watlington. Performed by Matt Watlington, Lyte, and LAKE.

Leave me here.
Leave me here.
Leave me here.
I stand alone, I have no fear.

Looking into stained glass waters,
Need you here.
I need you here
(It’s becoming clear).

Leave me here.
Leave me here.
Leave me here
This broken faith that draws you near, you know.

I stand alone.
I stand alone.
I stand alone.
I have no fear.

Does Love Come Here?

Written by Lyte.

In the End

Written by Sarah Russell, LAKE, and Lyte. Performed by Sarah Russell, LAKE, and Lyte.

Come along, take my hand. I’ll show you
All the beauty that I can see.
Come along, take my hand. I’ll lead you
To the light – the light I see.
And we can throw our cares away.
The love won’t stop and we can play.
And we will fly into the night,
In this endless beautiful purple sky. 

Come fly away with me!
Racing so fast at the speed of light.
Ooo yeah.

Just feel the love flow, let it take you higher. 
Just feel his love flow inside of you.

Do you notice me? 
Over here love! Your heart’s desire.
Memories inside my soul
Ached and burned like judgment’s war and fire.
You’re here to stay.
The love won’t stop and we can play.
And we can shine into the night!
In this endless beautiful paradise.

In the night I glowed
Where the river flowed.
You were watching me.
And the forest sang
To the heaven’s reign.
You were flying like you’d never be free.

He pulled away the mirror
To see us face to face.
He cast away the fears
And crowned me with his grace!

If you wrap your arms around me,
Then we will fall together.
And if you put your weight around me,
I’ll carry you home!
Cause in the end, I’ll carry you carry me home.
Cause in the end, you’ll carry me carry you home.
In the end, that’s all that matters.


Written by Lyte.