A truly remarkable artist! Delta-S delivers the next chapter in their epic sonic journey, and it does not disappoint. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as you are transported into a realm of awesomeness!
— Z/\C |-| /\RY NITZ

The latest volume to the Delta-S universe is The Mortal Veil, story-driven dark fantasy adventure, supported by an all-star cast, including trance diva Christina Novelli, Sarah Russell, Jillian Ann, bassist Nicki Tedesco, Sheri Shaw of sstaria, Shadow of Tranquil Chaos, and LAKE.

This installment takes a darker turn as it explores nightmares and lost worlds. A ghost is trapped in a hallway lost to the known world. She beckons a nearby traveller to save her. But as he enters the hallway, he is shut inside and running out of time to escape.  


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