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(At 10:00 PT, Spiros checks his email)

Spiros is 36, married with 2 kids. He found a tech job that he loves. He works on stimulating problems while listening to an eclectic selection of music with his coworker buddies (he even enjoy searching out new music to share on Spotify). When he gets in the car, however, he puts on his favorite industrial and electronic rock bands . Because spends more than 40 minutes driving to and from work, he loves getting immersed in story-themed albums from artists like Delta-S. 

When Spiros is driving to Delta-S music, he feels safe to explore his deeper thoughts and feelings. At the core, he feels alone in his feelings about long lost memories, or his evolving relationship with God. But... he's not alone. There is someone on the other side of the music he's listening to that GETS IT.

By the time Spiros gets home, it is raining outside, and he smiles. He waits an extra minute before turning the car off, letting a Delta-S song linger while the sadness pours down. Now walks in the house energized and hopeful, able to give to his family.

When the kids are asleep, he sneaks into his office, puts on his headphones, and starts tinkering around with his own music, hoping one day to encourage others just like he was impacted. Tomorrow, he'll share his tune with Lyte from Delta-S. And he knows he'll listen to it and give him real feedback! He truly has a new friend.

How do I apply the specifics that I know to my general superfan audience? For example, a lot of them have a long drive to and from work (like me), but not everyone does - how would I address that without outright saying "hey, how was your long drive home from work?" I think this detail is important, because its when a lot of them listen to my music.

Typical Delta-S Fan...     

     ✓ An artist, musician, or videographer
     ✓ Curious about spirituality / Believer
     ✓ Tech and computer savvy (many are in I.T.)
     ✓ Drives or travels for long periods of time
     ✓ Loves sci fi / fantasy stories (mostly films)
     ✓ Loves their desk job (works 9-5)
     ✓ Loves metal, electronic rock, and industrial music
     ✓ Loves tabletop board games

     ✘ Not political
     ✘ Doesn't exercise


Hardcore Superfans


Alex (The Superfan)

  • Loves sci-fi fantasy books and movies
  • Close friend
  • Feminist (Somewhat political)
  • Agnostic
  • Loves Metal, Death Metal, Screamo, Industrial, Electronic Rock
  • Married
  • Works at Geico
  • Long drives
  • Loves tabletop board games

Jesiah (The Collector)

  • Not Political
  • Believer
  • Works at PC Game Supply
  • Married w/ one kid
  • Has a tattoo
  • Electronic Technician
  • Goes to concerts (rock & metal)
  • Plays card and tabletop board games (Cards against Humanity)
  • Drinks Beer

Lily (The Admirer)

  • Not Political
  • Total nerd
  • Believer
  • Aspiring artist in traditional and digital styles
  • Aspiring Musician (plays the piano & sings)
  • Fences
  • Plays tabletop board games with her family


David Pataconi
Age: 36
Lives in: Tucson, AZ

(Drives 1 1/2 hrs a day)

Skype Interview with David


  1. What other similar bands do you listen to?
    Nine Inch Nails, Circle of Dust, Celldweller, VNV Nation, Scandroid, Electronic Rock, EBM
  2. What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do for fun?
    Making music, Flying drones, Playing guitar in the church worship band, Playing Nintendo games with the kids.
  3. What are your favorite books?
    Christian Non-fiction books (John Eldredge, John Crowder, Jonathan Walton), Books about God. Keen on audiobooks.
  4. Favorite movies?
    Sci-fi/Fantasy films, comic book movies (like Marvel), comedy, and action
  5. Favorite websites?
    Soundcloud, Google Hangouts, YouTube (Tutorials on how to make music and create sounds)
  6. What magazines do you read?
    Drudge Report, Browse BBC, "I try to stay relevant with politics, even though I don't like it"
  7. Where do you hangout online?
    The Village Gathering (Christian music community), God's DJs, Christian Goth & Metal
  8. Marital Status?
    Married with 2 kids. 8 year old daughter, 3 year old son.
  9. Mobile or Desktop? Mac or PC?
    Tech savvy. Mix of all equally.


  1. Is it okay to have a longer "interest" section?
  2. Does the copy "flow" well?
  3. Does a download link perform better as a "button"?
  4. I want fans to continue to fill out the questionnaire (that haven't done so)... but that seemed to violate the "ONE CALL TO ACTION" rule. What should I do? Maybe in the P.S. section?