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Child/Adult Music Influences:

Armin Van Buuren, Billy Joel,  BT, Celldweller, Croatia, Enigma, Hans Zimmer, I Will Never be the Same, M83, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Scandroid, Seabound, Seal, Vangelis

80s synths, Legend (film), George Lucas films, cooperative boardgames, unicorns, The Lord of the Rings (books), Neil Gaiman, indie comic books, dance clubs, Don Bluth animation


What does it sound like?


Each Delta-S album communicates a dark fantasy/sci-fi story. All the tracks of an album blend seemlessly together, forming one long sonic journey from track 1-13. Because of this, tracks that begin as one genre will morph into another as it unfolds - sometimes over time, sometimes immediately. 

Many different electronic genres are borrowed in order to communicate a story, but the true golden thread are the cinematic elements and transitions that bind the songs together.


We played live at Bar Sinister (a goth club in Los Angeles) in 2012. This was the last live show I did. The music has evolved much since then, but this gives you a feel for our culture and brand!

This video demonstrates the industrial rock and EBM influences in my music.

This is a good example of the progressive trance style incorporated in my albums. I posted it this May - it was reposted by a channel called GamingMusicTV. His repost got 12k views. My post is at 90. Help please! :D


Genre Research & Survey Results


Delta-S touches on a pain point

  • Note: Interesting relationship between the mood vs. how it makes them feel afterwards. Fans are in a dark, depressive, somber, and contemplative mood beforehand. When listening, fans feel better, hopeful, alive, and calm.
  • Theory: I think people are NOT looking for music that makes them feel hope, joy, and peace - instead, they become "converted" by the music's unexpected beauty, and it confronts and heals their pain - so they become a fan.

    One fan rated my music 4 stars. A week later, he rated it 5 stars and told me it filled his soul. This makes me think fan conversion is happening after hearing the story arc of the songs and their relationships (in its entirety).
It makes me FEEL... I struggle with depression and apathy, and turn to music as a way to feel and process emotion, a catharsis.”

”It goes deep and touches the dark places in my soul with the hope of God. Some songs provide intimate encounters with God.”

”You remind me NiN and Celldweller. This is awesome. This type of music fills of my soul...

What Genre is Delta-S?


"What 3 bands does Delta-S sound like?"

When asked what bands does Delta-S sound like...

"What kind of music do you typically listen to?"


"What kind of music genre would you say Delta-S falls into?"

Descriptions of Delta-S...

Genres of sound-a-like bands... you mix various influences to the point the music avoids easy genre classifications (which is a good thing).
  • Its funny that so many bands I'm compared to fall into synthpop. My superfans generally have a hard time categorizing me...
  • I have two main audiences - those that like industrial rock and metal, and those that appreciate the more electronic sounds I do. Both groups enjoy the trance and synthpop elements I put in there.

Facebook Live Question

When I did Facebook Live and asked "What band does Delta-S sound like?" There were a couple of bands mentioned that I didn't know - when I researched them, I heard the similarities right away. Tweaker is the darkness and industrial. Croatia is the beauty and dark synthpop.

  • Croatia (Synthpop, Dark Synthpop, Indie Electronica)
  • Tweaker (Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock, Progressive Rock, Electronica)

Croatia describes themselves as doing "synth-seduction" ♥︎ This has a similar vibe to Krystal Optiks (from a student taking your course). I absolutely identify with this.


YouTube Search Ranking

I tried various search terms and phrases that I thought sounded like me. Some phrases brought up a radio show that REALLY RESONATES, and 2 others bands that I feel are in my niche, but are struggling to define themselves as well. One of the bands, Chamber of Echoes, committed the YouTube sin of just posting a large paragraph of tags in their description - highlighting everything they thought they were:

cyberpunk, cyberrock, synthwave, dystopian, industrial rock, cinematic rock, electronic rock, synthrock, synthpop, ebm, dance rock, sci fi, science fiction, futuristic music, dark music, celldweller, how to destroy angels, nine inch nails, kidneythieves, blue stahli, scandroid, destroid, nero, I will never be the same, voicians, female fronted, female vocals, dance music, dance rock, new retro wave, 5D, indigo child, starseed, lightworker, blue ray, channeled message, pleidian, andromedan, sirian, nordic, apollonian, mantis, anunnaki, galactic federation of light, angelic, nephilim, ascended masters, 12 strand DNA activation, ufo, alien, extraterrestrials, consciousness, DNA activation music
— Chamber of Echoes' tag list

Chamber of Echoes seems to have a similar brand - they include stories and short films with their music. They also identify with "dark fantasy", along with The Enigma TNG. These bands sound too bleak, however. My sound is MUCH more sad, beautiful, haunting, and bright... Also, my songs move seemlessly from one to the other to tell a story (like Enigma, or NIN) - none of the bands below take that approach.

Note. Interesting that the bands I Will Never be the Same, Scandroid, Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angels, and Celldweller all show up in their tags - these are projects I consider to be my contemporaries.


Communion After Dark (Radio Show)

Ranked: dark fantasy synthpop, cinematic industrial synthpop, dark industrial synthpop, dark sci fi industrial synthpop, dark cinematic synthpop

✓ Blend of synthpop, industrial, and futurepop
✓ Borrows from trance themes
✓ Beautiful, lush, and powerful soundscapes

✘ Not epic or cinemetic
✘ Too many cues from goth rock



The Enigma TNG

Ranked: dark fantasy electro, cinematic dark fantasy electro, cinematic industrial trance, dark fantasy music, dark sci fi electro, cinematic fantasy industrial

✓ Combines Industrial Rock with EDM Genres
✓ Sounds "Fantasy" like at times
✓ Versatile and Eclectic
✓ Epic & cinematic Moments

✘ Too digital (not enough organic sounds)
✘ Lacks Vocals
✘ Digital sounds feel empty and derivative



Chamber of Echoes

Ranked: cinematic industrial rock, cinematic industrial synthpop, cinematic synthpop

✓ Combines industrial rock with EDM Genres
✓ Versatile and Eclectic
✓ cinematic moments
✓ Stories and themes
✓ Vocal driven
✓ 80s Influence

✘ Too "rock" sounding at times
✘ Digital sounds feel empty and derivative
✘ Feels flat - Lacks Atmosphere

Facebook Campaigns


Best Desktop Campaign

Industrial Electronica Audience

Potential Reach: 190,000 people

Age: 23-47

Location: United States, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Germany

Additional Interests: 

Aliens vs. Predator (novel series)
Apoptygma Berzerk
Arkham Horror
Bar Sinister
Black Light Burns
Blade Runner (1985 video game)
Blade Runner Ridley Scott
Blade Runner Tattoos
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
FiXT Music
Front Line Assembly
Grimm Fairy Tales (comics)
How to Destroy Angels (band)
Icon of Coil
Metropolis Records
Sandman Graphic Novels
Sci Fi Fantasy
Stabbing Westward
Suicide Commando
The Birthday Massacre
The Crow: City of Angels
The Dark Knight (soundtrack)
The labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball
The Secret of NIMH


Best Mobile Campaign

Electro-industrial Fantasy Audience

  • Mexico is the top country for Spotify listeners - probably because of my trance song "Alive" that played on "A State of Trance" on Armin Van Buuren's show.
  • Some likes from Mexico were legitimate, but many seemed to be from fake accounts that "liked everything". So I turned off this campaign and I don't use it anymore. It performs poorly without Mexico... :(
  • I want to reach my LEGIT fans in Mexico! How do I do this?

Potential Reach: 140,000 people

Age: 23-47

Location: United States, Mexico, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Germany

Must have one of these Interests: 

Aliens vs. Predator (novel series)
Apoptygma Berzerk
Arkham Horror
Bar Sinister
Blade Runner (1985 video game)
Blade Runner (a movie)
Blade Runner Ridley Scott
Blade Runner Tattoos
Dark Ages Gothicshop
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Elder Sign
FiXT Music
Front Line Assembly
Gothic and Victorian Dream
Grimm Fairy Tales (comics)
Home (Depeche Mode song)
Icon of Coil
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
Metropolis Records
Return to Oz
Sandman Graphic Novels
Sci Fi Fantasy
Stabbing Westward
Suicide Commando
The Birthday Massacre
The Crow: City of Angels
The Dark Knight (soundtrack)
The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball
The Secret of NIMH
vampire lestat
Witch-king of Angmar

AND one of these interests:

Ebm Industrial
How to Destroy Angels (band)
Mortal Combat (film)
Skinny Puppy
The Fragile (Nine Inch Nails album)
The Lord of the Rings
Wish (Nine Inch Nails song)


Facebook Engagement


My audience is overwhelmingly men. I embrace that! But I also want to find out a way to invite more women into the world, as they engage a lot better and add the "beauty" element (by what they offer) that is a part of the Delta-S world.


Sample Posts with High Engagement

(19 Engagement)

Me when I have my headphones on. lol

(49 Engagement)

I owe so much to Trent for inspiring my music today...

(20+ Engagement)

"Korben Dallas multipass!"

(25+ Engagement)

I've always loved the rain. It's my favorite weather... Any other fans of rain and thunder storms?

The "Hook" and Bio

SFS: Module 1


Long Hook:

"Delta-S communicates themes of grief, sorrow, and longing through dark fantasy narratives that seduce the listener into a journey to find life. Intricately designed soundscapes draw from electronic genres like industrial, synthpop, and trance - all woven together with cinematic elements to the chapters in each story. Delta-S provides comfort and guidance through the darkness, revealing beauty just beyond the shadows."


Shorter Hook Ideas

  • "A living soundtrack for the darkness in your story - revealing beauty beyond the shadows."
  • "The power of NIN + beauty of Croatia. A living soundtrack for the darkness in your story."
  • "The sorrow of NIN purified by beauty. A living soundtrack for dark fantasy lovers."

Niche Concepts

Fantasy Industrial
Dark Fantasy Electro

Microniche Concepts (album level)

Cinematic Fantasy Industrial Rock
Cinematic Fantasy Industrial Metal
Cinematic Dark Uplifting Trance
Cinematic Dark Fantasy Electro
Cinematic Dark Fantasy Electro Industrial



Current Bio

I hired someone on Fiverr last year who was a copyrighter and worked with many bands. This is what she came up with - and I'm currently using it on social media accounts


Sometimes the only way to overcome the darkness is to face it. Wave goodbye, leave the gates, and enter the forest of the unknown. If you think that sounds like a theme for a dark fantasy film or an RPG, you wouldn't be far off – and Delta-S is the complimenting score. The electro-industrial project has been crafting mysterious soundtracks since 1995 to accompany this trek through uncertainty and fear. And along the way its sounds whisper an uncanny truth: there's a strange beauty beyond the shadows.

“Delta-S is a project that can walk through the dark places of a person's life,” explains Lyte. “It provides some context for our struggles – that our story is larger and more hopeful than we know.”

Since its inception over two decades ago, Delta-S has been Lyte's brainchild. Originally formed as a collaborative project with high school best friend Moe, Delta-S has evolved into an ongoing collective – Lyte steers the helm and with every new release guests contribute. Cameos include trance singer Kirsty Hawkshaw, EDM vocalists Christina Novelli and Sarah Russell, and British dance duo Booty Luv. And while Delta-S is primarily a studio project, even the live band has a different lineup. This rotating cast has kept the outfit alive, protecting it from decay and decline.

Similar to How to Destroy Angels, Hans Zimmer, and The Birthday Massacre, Delta-S' latest album The Mortal Veil is a battle against entropy. Haunting and deliciously sad, the effort is the third part of a trilogy. It follows the 13-track opus Voyage to Isis and 2015's Chasm – all three of which take you on an electro-cinematic odyssey. Currently at work on the next trilogy, the first record in the series, called Carnivale, will explore other styles and genres: big room, dubstep, folk, and even a tinge of opera.

“We are on a trajectory to an amazingly beautiful place of love, hope, and wonder,” says Lyte. “But along that journey there is darkness and terror… The music is meant to be a comfort and a friend to listeners as they confront their fear, longing, and sorrow.”

And Delta-S will be there until you reach the other side.


Delta-S is an electro industrial project spearheaded by producer Lyte. Formed in 1995, the project has featured a rotating cast of musicians, including EDM singers Kirsty Hawkshaw, Christina Novelli, and British dance duo Booty Luv. Cut from the cloth of How to Destroy Angels, Hans Zimmer, and The Birthday Massacre, Delta-S' latest record The Mortal Veil is the third part of an album trilogy. Its cinematic sound provides listeners with a pain that they want – a grief that's enjoyed.



Seeking beauty beyond the shadows