As some of you know, I started a sister project with a former Deitiphobia and Massivivid member, Sheri Shaw. After working together on a Delta-S song, Erase, we formed our project Sstaria in September of 2007, and we set out with a desire to produce tunes with a more down-tempo and electronica flavor - with Sheri being the soul vocalist on each song.

As a teenager, I was heavily into Industrial music from REX music and Tooth & Nail Records. I discovered Sheri Shaw by listening to Deitiphobia, and she became one of my favorite singers. When I began to take my music career seriously in 2004, I joined in the hopes of connecting with other musicians who were into industrial music and who were believers. There I met Carson, a founder of the site, and he helped me connect with Sheri.

Sheri has a "gift"  for meeting new people and quickly winning their hearts. She is a talented networking agent, and as a result, Sstaria has come through some random, wonderful, and frankly... hilarious opportunities since we've started our journey together. One such an endeavor has been our involvement with Billy Corgan's ResistancePro Wrestling... we write songs for wrestlers.

Yes, you read that right. I write songs for wrestlers. Pretty random. Imagine your favorite ResistancePro wrestler, charging into the audience, growling and snarling, while he high-fives the crowd. Hear those crunching metal guitars and explosive melodies as he gets into the ring? We did that!

It has been one wild ride - there have been countless nights where I've come home from work, only to work on a song for a show the next day (often not getting to bed until 4 am). We have been asked to combine genres that frankly don't play nice together. Ever wondered what a dubstep version of the Mexican Hat Dance sounds like? How about an electronic wild west song? Craving to play evil industrial clown music in your headphones? Well now you can! We've created a lot of stuff for the show, ranging from Gangster Rap to Marching Band music.

But as funny as it sounds, the experience has been incredibly rewarding. I've been pushed outside of my comfort zone, and challenged to make quick decisions under pressure. In the end, I feel like I am a better musician for it. It has had a powerful impact in my own music. My mixing and production has improved, and I look at music a little differently. I truly believe any two (or nine) styles can be combined to tell the right story, if it's done right, of course. And this is so important to me when it comes to Delta-S. My personal project has been all about authenticity; using whatever sounds, genre, or style fit for the story.

Since our wrestling escapades, Sheri and I have been producing music for some star artists, and pushing our tunes for soundtrack use. We've even made our own version of the Veronica Mars theme song! ;)