It's been so long since I've had a website. It feels good to invest in Delta-S' web presence, which has been seriously lacking. In 2009, my original website domain was "stolen" out from under me while I was changing hosting providers. I guess I wasn't quick enough! I did make attempts to buy back the domain, but the seller wanted $2k for it, and as flattered as I was for him thinking I could afford his pricing, I had to decline. :)

Another reason for the sudden silence was an unexpected work change, which dramatically impacted my lifestyle and schedule. The company I work for now, TrueCar, is a great fit for me, and it provides for my family quite well. However, its left very little room for my own independent endeavors, including music! I have made it a point to work on music and art all through the years, but I couldn't maintain the pace that I was so accustomed to.

I have so much to share with you all, and I look forward to rekindling old relationships, and beginning new ones during my work on the upcoming album, The Mortal Veil.

Here is what Delta-S has been up to in the last 4 years:

  • I partnered up with Sheri Shaw of Deitiphobia to form a new project called Sstaria. We are busy bees creating intro songs for Billy Corgan's Resistance Pro Wrestling. (random, i know!)
  • I have researched a great deal about trance and dubstep, and I look forward to working those genres into my music palette.
  • We played live at Bar Sinister in October, 2012
  • Dena Carman and I have teamed up for a trance song experiment.
  • Working endlessly on the third album, The Mortal Veil.
  • Eating lots and lots of Boba.